What is a Doula?

A doula helps connect you with resources throughout your pregnancy. We have nothing to do with any medical aspects of your pregnancy. We provide you with information to navigate through your pregnancy in labor, birth and postpartum. We continuously provide emotional, physical and spiritual support throughout your journey. The support system you need to keep you in a good mental space so that you can focus on yourself and the health of your baby. We help create calm environments to keep you with a stable mindset while helping empower you throughout your journey towards motherhood.

You will have a free consultation at this time we will go over services that you would like and what is expected. During the consultation we will also go over your physical, emotional and educational needs. I will provide you with continuous support through out your pregnancy. I will send out daily affirmations to help get you through your day unless you decline them. While assisting you we will go over a birth plan. This includes 3 in person prenatal visits anything extra will be $25 an hour for non emergency visits and no charge for an emergency visit. You will have 24 hour access by phone, text, email and video for your emotional support and well being. Please be advised that you have up until 10:00 p.m. for video chats unless its an emergency. During your 3rd trimester we will go over a postpartum plan to help assist you after birth. It is your duty to alert me once you go into labor. I will meet you at your home or at the hospital depending on your preference. I will stay until birth is complete and stay up to 3 hours after birth to ensure that you and you baby are safe and happy. Included will be  2 postpartum visits to help help you get settled in and adjusted.1 visit will be to help you and your little one get settled and the second one will be a follow up. You will have access up to 2 weeks after birth to call, text, email or video chat for your support. If you would like meal preparation and herbal healing preparations please make this known in your initial consultation.

Mother's Divine Way $160

A  sacred ceremony to give the mother blessings, support and love before going into labor. This is not a baby shower but  based solely on the mother to send her off to a calm delivery. A few of her closest family and friends will be present at the ceremony to help bless the mother.

Healing Journal $24

Journal will be provided to help you heal from the inside out. The journal has a series of questions to help you think and tackle emotional trauma before your little one comes into the world. Mental stability is everything. If you need guidance with the journal $25 an hour. An hour minimum is required.